This is what I am thankful for and what I do everyday (I pray that others will follow):

Magnificent Holy Father, I stand in awe of all I see. Of all the things you have created, still you choose to think of me. I stand before you at this alter, so many have given you more. I may not have much I can offer, but what I have is truely yours. This is my offering to you Lord, this is my offering to you God - I will give you my life, for it's all I have to give, because you gave your life for me.

Lyrics from a song by Third Day


Yep, I get frustrated too. I'm trying to put together an e-commerce site and it's not going the way I expected. I don't understand some of the "coding" and, well I guess I should slow down and focus on one area at a time. I've been trying to work on several parts of the site at once and now that I've talked with you about it, I realize that I should focus on one area of the site and get that right before moving on to another area.

Sometimes, you just need a friend to talk these things through. Thanks for being there and I appreciate all that you do for me! Have a splenderific day!!

Oohhh Chocolate!

Ok, one of my weaknesses is chocolate (I'm sure it's not an exclusive club!). I made brownies last night for dessert and I thought I would share one with you.
They are great - moist and fluffy with just a little powdered sugar on top (not a lot, just a little) makes them awesome. I try not to make them too often but, a little "treat" once in a while can't hurt.
I hope you enjoy this little taste (oh, you don't have taste-a-vision, sorry) and I'll be sharing more great food as time goes by.

Some People . . . .

The other morning, as I was driving to work, I saw .. well, a gentleman make a left turn on a red light. Now right turns are legal here on a red light, but not left (ya know cos traffic is coming at you when you turn!). Well, he was an older gentleman (from what I could see, grey hair and all) and thankfully no one was coming so he made it through the light with no concerns. I however was then thinking about it/him most of the morning.

I was glad that he didn't get in an accident, especially one that I would have witnessed, and that he made it through the red light ok. I was however, concerned that this probably wasn't the first time he had done this and it probably won't be the last. So, I asked God to watch over him while he's driving and keep him and anyone around him safe. I felt better.

When is the last time you worried about and/or prayed for a stranger?


My son, Philip
and my grandson,
Calvin. I treasure
them both.

Holiday Weekends

Aren't holiday weekends wonderful? When a holiday falls on a weekend, you get more time to "catch up" on all those projects that have "waited and waited" for so long. You also get to spend some quality time doing things you enjoy with people you like spending time with. I took time off of work to make this weekend into a four day mini vacation and it has been great!

The kitchen remodeling is now, almost, complete. We measured, cut, stained and attached all the door frames in the kitchen and mud room. What a difference it makes, the kitchen looks terrific! I'll post a few pictures so you can see, once the window frames are stained (hoping to get to that this afternoon).

Saturday was spent at Old World Wisconsin for their July 4th celebrations, early 1900's style. When is the last time you had a three legged race or tried to climb a greased pole? What about the last time you watched a parade with no motorized vehicles, just horse drawn carriages and people walking? The weather cooperated, the mosquitoes enjoyed their feast (on all the people there), the food was great (brats, lemonade, cookies, etc.) and the walking was peaceful. Every time we go there, I feel kind of "renewed" and refreshed. If you want to check them out sometime:

Other People's Concerns

Had a visit from a friend last night. He is having lots of "trouble" - no job, moved away from his friends (that's a good thing, trust me), no place to live. I'm glad he felt he could talk with me about these things.

I pray for him, for his success and for him to have clarity in his life. He seems to be walking the right path, just needs patience and strength to get to where he needs to be.

There are so many young people in this world that don't know where to turn or what to do next and I'm blessed that I can help just a few of them to go in the right direction and use the Lord for their strength. I remember "being there" (a few years ago) and I wish I would have had someone to help me get on the right path and it would have been great to have known Jesus back then. I'm sure glad I know Him now and that I can lead others to Him as well!