Some People . . . .

The other morning, as I was driving to work, I saw .. well, a gentleman make a left turn on a red light. Now right turns are legal here on a red light, but not left (ya know cos traffic is coming at you when you turn!). Well, he was an older gentleman (from what I could see, grey hair and all) and thankfully no one was coming so he made it through the light with no concerns. I however was then thinking about it/him most of the morning.

I was glad that he didn't get in an accident, especially one that I would have witnessed, and that he made it through the red light ok. I was however, concerned that this probably wasn't the first time he had done this and it probably won't be the last. So, I asked God to watch over him while he's driving and keep him and anyone around him safe. I felt better.

When is the last time you worried about and/or prayed for a stranger?

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