Tiny Differences

Sometimes it seems overwelming to try and do what God has called me to do (if I even know what that is for sure). I think I'm doing the right things but, I'm not sure all the time.

Well, yesterday I did something that I am sure came from God and I feel pretty good about it. I went to the drive thru at the local "fast food" place to get a salad. The lady at the window is one of the ladies that I see a lot of the times when I go there - we always chat a little (if no one is behind me in line) and then say see ya next time! So, in our little chat yesterday, she mentioned that she was going in for surgery next week to remove a lump from her breast. Without even thinking about it, I took her hand in mine and said a little prayer for her that there would be nothing found that involves cancer.

She looked a little stunned and said "thanks" and I said, "don't worry, I'll see you in a couple of weeks". It was just a brief "moment" but, I know that God heard that little prayer and I know that He listens. Maybe that's why I was supposed to go to the drive thru that day!

I'm trying to "hear" Him more and do His will more - how about you?

Spring? or Snow?

Well, I'm not sure what to think. It has been in the forties for over a week now and raining so, it's spring right? Well, maybe not, there could still be snow in the next few weeks.

That's the thing about living in the upper midwest (Wisconsin), there is no "spring" until oh, maybe June! Just kidding. Although that is something that should be considered when ordering plants - most companies won't ship until the second of third week of May! I guess maybe they know the kind of spring weather we have here and they don't want us killing the plants and having to practice their great customer service and replace all the dead plants!

Yep, I have ordered some flowers and one tree but won't see them for a while so I just thought I would share with you all. I am thinking spring but can't actually "have spring" for a while yet.

Are you all having spring yet? Birds chirping? Any plants starting to peek their little green arms out yet?