So much happening ....

There has been so much happening this summer, I must apalogize to you all for not posting more often.

Let's see, I got four teeth pulled (front teeth) and now have a partial plate. The extraction went very well, no broken teeth or problems removing the bad teeth. As for the partial, that is taking some getting used to. It's strange to have a beautiful smile again, I have to make a concious effort to smile now. I spent so long not smiling because I didn't have a nice smile and now I have a great smile, I just have remember to use it!

Also, an update on my weight loss - I'm up to 29 pounds lost now! My habits have changed for the better, I think more now about what I will eat so that it's healthy instead of eating just to eat. I still have my popcorn at night, but now I have just three cups instead of half the bag! I've discovered that there are so many things you can do with a salad that they never get boring. Just little changes like getting a snack sandwich and coleslaw at KFC instead of a full meal with potatoes and gravy, two pieces of chicken and a bisquit. I still get full and also get my meat and vegetables! I eat five times a day now, little "snacks" instead of three large meals a day (contents of the meals have changed too). 

One of the greatest things I discovered it a solution to that 2 or 3 o'clock slump. You know, that time when you feel tired from lunch and kinda start to drag. Well, I have three slices of turkey - honey or mesquite are my favorites - and a low fat string cheese; it gives me the protein that I need, at the right time, and I feel energized to make it the rest of the day! No slacking at work cos I'm tired, it's works great!!

Let me know how you are doing on your weight loss, maybe we can help each other. Part of my motivation is knowing that I can help others with their goals and encourage them that they to can do it. What can I do to help you?