Kitty Paw Prints

OK, I'm tired, can't wake up this morning, didn't sleep well at all. But, gotta go to work and pay the bills, you know the drill.

So, still groggy eyed, I go in the garage and get in my car. Not really paying attention, I start to back out of the garage onto the driveway. Right about the time I get to where I can start to turn the wheel (so I don't hit the pickup truck at the far edge of the drive) I get a bright glimmer of sunshine right on my windshield. Ahhh - can't see for a second and then WOW I notice what's on my windshield - kitty paw prints! The most adorable "little" muddy paw prints going all the way up my car hood, onto the windshield and (I assume) over the top of my car. How cool is that?

See, we have a few "strays" that live in our garage when the weather isn't nice, so we feed them and talk to them. I guess I wasn't thinking that they consider the "entire" garage their space, including the cars!

It was just one of those little moments that make you smile and say "thanks, God for all the little creatures too" and forget about the not-so-good start to the morning. My day is going great now! Hope yours is too.